Venture Into Extreme Ass Filling and Stretching With the Incredible Perfect Fit Double Tunnel Medium Butt Plug
? Ideal for use by both genders
? Made using high quality Thermoplastic rubber that is body safe
? 100% waterproof and has a double bulb at the shaft for added pleasure
The Perfect Fit Double Tunnel Medium Butt Plug is designed to give you lesser stretching than our Perfect fit Double Tunnel Anal Plug Large and is ideal for anal canal piss off play and you can incorporate other adventures use such as dildos or during sex with your partner. It has a flared base to prevent unwanted travel and prevent too Floral Lingerie deep penetration. There is a double bulb at the shaft of this plug which is aimed at giving you maximum filling while hitting all the right and sensitive spots in your anal canal.
Before inserting this sleeve, it is important to apply water based lube on both the interior and exterior parts of the plug so as to prevent unwanted friction. The fact that the plug is waterproof means that you can explore wet conditions without worrying that it might compromise the durability of the plug.
After every use make sure to clean the plug with warm water and allow it to dry before storage.